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Trail Map for Breaks Interstate Park (ISP) in Virginia. Published by Virginia State Parks.

BREAKS INTERSTATE PARK ter Cen Elkhorn City 7 miles k Cree Unknown Confederate Soldier’s Grave (. 5 Grassy mi . ) CAMPGROUND Ridge (.5 mi.) Horse Stables Laurel Branch Beaver Pond mi el nn (.2 Co ld Clinchfield .) miTH Lo o p 3 R/R TH e ss Ru 2 768 Water Park Paddle Boats Lakefront Log Cabins 1-5 Breaks Village 609 1 m i.) i. ) Laurel Lake Visitor Center Lake (.5 m i.) (.4 (3 m i.) TH .) in Mounta Bike m Spri ng (. 5 Cottages B-E 6 8 5 (1.2 lroad linchfield Rai Old C Prospectors (1.5 mi.) Overlook (.75 mi .) Camp Office nd (.4 r Po ve m .3 i.) Pinnacle Rock ll Fo rk 80 Deer ( er (1 erlook (.5 mi Ov .) i.) m (.35 mi.) Stateline cal Overlook Ge o l o gi The Notches Tu k h R iv c Br an el r we To s y C re e Grassy Lau r ree k Grassy C 80 Gras Center Creek (.5 mi.) m i.) Potter’s Flats KY TUC KEN NIA I VIRG Be a 80 To Grundy 17 miles Boat Ramp 7 80 TH Ri ve r RHODODENDRON LODGE RESTAURANT & CONFERENCE CENTER Towers (.15 mi.) N Chimney Rock 1680 ft. The Towers 1640 ft. Mill Rock TH TH TH Lovers Leap Garden Hole U ni m pr o v e d roa d mi.) Camp Bra nch (.7 ranch mp B Ca R/R TH To Haysi .25 0 .25 SCALE Building Picnic area Picnic shelter Amphitheater Bath house Trailhead Feature Scenic view Restroom Playground Trail Road Boat ramp .5 .75 MILES

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