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Beacon Rock State Park Hamilton Mountain Trailhead Popular Hikes Rodney Falls, Hardy Falls, Pool of the Winds 2.52 miles, out and back, moderate, 600’ gain Hamilton Mountain Summit 6.4 miles, out and back, difficult, 2038’ gain The Saddle 8.0 miles, out and back, difficult, 2038’ gain Hamilton Mountain Summit Loop via Equestrian and Hardy Creek Trails The Hamilton Mountain Trail starts out with spectacular douglas fir old growth at the trailhead. Less than half a mile up pass under powerlines and enjoy views of Bonneville Dam. Continue nearly another mile on moderate trail and arrive at Rodney Falls, Hardy Falls and Pool of the Winds. Or, turn left on Hardy Creek Trail to reach the summit more gradually. In 1.3 miles turn right on the multiuse Equestrian Trail reaching the The Saddle at 2,100’ after a little over a mile. Rejoin the Hamilton Mountain Trail and hike .8 miles further to the summit at 2,438’. Enjoy expansive panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge formed by the basalt flows and floods which swept the area over the past 15 million years, as well as surrounding Cascade peaks, Bonneville Dam, Beacon Rock, Table Mountain, and Hardy Ridge. via Don’s Cuttoff, Upper Hardy and Hardy Creek Trails 8.26 miles, difficult, 2038’ gain Hamilton Mountain trail. Foot traffic only Backcountry camping prohibited from Pool of the Winds. For those seeking the Hamilton Mountain summit, cross the bridge in front of Rodney Falls and continue a quarter mile to the intersection with Hardy Creek Trail. At this point, there are two routes to the summit. Either stay right on the Hamilton Mountain Trail, which is the most direct and steep route, reaching the summit in 1.7 miles, hike through exposed cliff areas abound with wildflowers in spring and summer. 7.87 miles, difficult, 2038’ gain Trails open 8AM-Dusk Looking down at Rodney Falls Alternatively, instead of taking the Equestrian Trail the entire way to The Saddle, take Upper Hardy Trail .74 miles, then take Don’s Cutoff Trail through a beautiful dark section of forest rejoining the Equestrian Trail in a little over a half mile, from here it is In less than a quarter mile to The Saddle.

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