Blake Island


brochure Blake Island - Map
Blake Island State Park Hiking Boating Sailing Scuba diving Fishing Cascadia Marine Trail campsite Tillicum Canoe access Jetty 4 Picnic area 5 Ranger station Site of Trimble Estate 3 1 Group camp 1 Camping Marina 2 Restroom 4 Water tower Moorage buoy 1 Park boundary 1 Blue Trail 3 2 Red Trail 3 Cross Island Trail 4 4 Perimeter Road 5 Interpretive Trail Welcome. Please remember a Discover Pass is required to visit a state park or other state-managed recreation lands. 0 0 2,500 0.5 5,000 1 Feet Miles Information Center (360) 902-8844 Revenue from Discover Pass sales replaces general fund tax funding no longer available to cover the cost of operations. (Revised 02-09-18)

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