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brochure Guernsey - Overview Map

Overview Map of Guernsey State Park (SP) at Guernsey Reservoir on the North Platte River in Wyoming. Published by Wyoming State Parks.

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To Hartville - Long Canyon Campground h ! y ! L AKE SHO The Castle Deadmans Gulch Campground RE DR IVE Fish Canyon Fish Canyon Cove Campground Campground I YL SK N Sandy Point Campground Guernsey State Park Overview Map Legend h ! y ! Fee Booth Guernsey Reservoir Sandy Cove Campground SK YL IN E Black Canyon Cove Campground SK YL IN DR I E D RIVE VE Cottonwood Cove Sandy Beach Campground Campground Davis Bay Campground Red Cloud Campground NE W EL Newell Bay Campground Roads Asphalt L B AY DR Sitting Bull Day Use Area I VE y ! y ! Skyline Campground Authorized Use Only Gra vel Sand Two Track Site Boundary Black Canyon Point Campground Guernsey Yurts y ! Boat Ramp Reservoir E TR A I L RD 0 0.2250.45 Miles 0.9 h ! 1.35 1.8 Spotted Tail Campground

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